Your decade highlight 2010s on internetcookies

What is your internetcookies main hightlight of the 2010s decade? Feel free to comment!
Is it the Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal of March 2017? Becoming awareness of the impact of social media on daily live? Cookies will follow you every click on your digital journey also in the 2020s.

VPN feature outrun bij new privacy friendly internet protocol


Apple and Cloudfare adopt in Safari a new feature to resolve the not encrypted solving of DNS to up-address translation.

Every time you enter a website address, this address must be translated for your device: translate to an up-address to browse to.

The new feature resolves this translation as ‘regular internet traffic’ decoupling the requester from the request. By unbundling, you can browse to a website without your Internet Service Provider, or Virtual Private Network provider knowing to which website you browse to, and also not the men in the middle.

Europe needs to back browser-level controls to fix cookie consent nightmares, says privacy group

European privacy group noyb, which recently kicked off a major campaign targeting rampant abuse of the region’s cookie consent rules, has followed up…

Europe needs to back browser-level controls to fix cookie consent nightmares, says privacy group

Mysterious Custom Malware Collects cookies

Mysterious Custom Malware Collects Billions of Stolen Data Points

— Read secoperations.tech.blog/2021/06/10/mysterious-custom-malware-collects-billions-of-stolen-data-points/


What is cookiepro.com? Why does cookie-cdn.cookiepro.com execute a script on a visiting website?

The #1 Trusted Solution for Website Compliance


So a compliance web service company.

According to their website it contains 31 Million+ Categorized Cookies with the ability to scan a website and easily generate a geotargeted cookie banner, preference center, and cookie policy. Meeting regulatory requirements like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy, CNIL, ICO, SB-220 and PDPA.

VPN acting nefariousness?| by Yegor S | Windscribe

How VPN service companies could use data selling, advertising and affiliate programs but infringing your privacy

What are supercookies?

In short, supercookies can be used in place of ordinary cookies to store user identifiers, but  they are much more difficult to delete and block. This makes it nearly impossible for users to protect their privacy as they browse the web. Over the years, trackers have been found storing user identifiers as supercookies in increasingly obscure parts of the browser, including in Flash storage, ETags, and HSTS flags.

Flash storage
More than 50% of the sites in a scientific sample are using flash cookies to store information about the user. Some are using it to ‘respawn’ or re-instantiate HTTP cookies deleted by the user. Flash cookies often share the same values as HTTP cookies, and are even used on government websites to assign unique values to users. Privacy policies rarely disclose the presence of Flash cookies, and user controls for effectuating privacy preferences are lacking.

ETags are capable of unique tracking even where all cookies are blocked by the user. reference

HSTS flags
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a security standard that provides a mechanism for web sites to declare themselves accessible only via secure connections, and to tell web browsers where to go to get that secure version. Web browsers that honor the HSTS standard also prevent users from ignoring server certificate errors. reference


For what purpose (and privacy risk) is JavaScript from tiqcdn.com involved in a bank transaction?

While submitting a bank transaction a tracking pixel is placed. So a third party is involved with a financial transaction by consumers, is there a privacy risk?

Content from this third party domain is used. This online tracking is regulated by GDPR, by Consumer Rights Law and by Banking Law. A bank has the right to involve companies to supply services, e.g. mailing, customer service support, hire temporary staff or co-selling product and services.

Why has a bank opted for this solution instead of including the effect in their own JavaScript?

Chrome without Chrome’s user tracking

Google privacy

Use Chrome without:

Use Chrome with

Response Google engineer

A Google engineer publicly disclosed a serious security vulnerability in Comodo Dragon after Comodo failed to respond to the issue within the 90 days Google provides software vendors. The advisory warns users who install Comodo Dragon that Dragon replaces their default browser, hijacks DNS settings, and disables the same-origin policy, which exposes users by allowing malicious websites to access private data.

Chirgwin, Richard (2 February 2016). “Google calls out Comodo’s Chromodo Chrome-knockoff as insecure crapware”. The Register. Retrieved 13 November 2018.

Comodo subsequently claimed the problems were fixed.

Be aware:

Comodo and its partners use cookies and Google Analytics. “Comodo may disclose data to its affiliates and business partners who have established similar privacy standards.”

Their privacy statement says that only in California is the IP address considered personal information.[21] Comodo creates log files which track users, identifiable by cookie or browser features (and IP address outside California): “Comodo uses log files comprising of non-personally identifiable information to … track movements throughout the site … and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use.”[21

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No grace period after Schrems II Privacy Shield ruling, warn EU data watchdogs

European data watchdogs have issued updated guidance in the wake of last week’s landmark ruling striking down a flagship transatlantic data transfer …

No grace period after Schrems II Privacy Shield ruling, warn EU data watchdogs

Why Privacy Is the Most Important Concept of Our Time

Why Privacy Is the Most Important Concept of Our Time

Why Privacy Is the Most Important Concept of Our Time

Nice essay on Privacy. Recommended reading.

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